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First of all put one thing firmly in your mind and that is it isn’t that easy to make money without effort or having some kind of experience. There are thousands of ways to make money as most sites would tell you, but the truth is that you need some kind of knowledge and experience before attempting to do so. As for opportunities to make 200 dollars and more, the Internet is the right place to try your luck.

Fast and Easy Income

You are likely to find that some sort of garage sale on sites like eBay or Craigslist may get you relatively quick income depending upon the price that you charge. You may need to browse these sites to get to know as to what you really wish to sell. These may be items that you purchase from these sites and sell them at a future date or items from your own backyard.

Another quick way to get 200 dollars is to take loan from one of the sites or through credit card sign up bonus. If these are not the ways you may want to make a quick 200 bucks then you get ready for some harsh truth.

Although people earn in six and seven figures, the Internet also may prove to be a dampener for those who wish to make a quick buck. If on the other hand you are already making money through proofreading or online writing then you may be able to take it to new heights and earn $ 200 or more a day.

Opportunities to Earn Online

You may browse sites that pay you for sign ups and if this isn’t good for you then you may do some freelance writing on the side as well. If you think that you would be better positioned to do survey jobs then this too allow you to make some money although it is quite difficult to make more than 100 dollars a day.

There are other ways of course like tutoring kids and if you think that you are good at a particular subject then you may offer to tutor older children and earn some money. You may also make some money investing in online share trading and stocks and bonds yet here too you may require some initial training.

Believe it or not, there are people who really earn big by copy editing, acting as consultant to local businesses, real estate agents and others. But in all these cases you may need some kind of experience before you are able to earn $ 200 a day.