Having your own website is a pre-requisite for your business to expand and become visible. The virtual world is full of surprises and it is also a better way to pass on information to relatively broader group of people across the world. Naturally, your business would improve with more clients as otherwise these people would have never known about your firm in the real world. How much of money you pour into advertisements your business in the present world never actually takes off without a SEO friendly website.

It is not quite difficult to have your own website build right from scratch. By having your own website you are actually advertising yourself and your business to market itself without your even being aware of it.

Starting a Website from Start

You first of all need to a hosting service for your website that you are going to launch as well as domain name. Without these it is impossible to launch any Search Engine friendly website on your own. It is the web hosting service that actually provides you the service for your new site. In fact, a hosting service would not only provide you the space, but also enable your website to be seen all over the world.

The next step is to have your own domain name. This is like the URL that you are accustomed to being seen. It is the address by which your prospective customers would navigate to reach your site. Both hosting services as well as domain name come as a package by some hosting services while charging you a few dollars a year. You can easily search for best hosting plans on the Internet before deciding. There are hundreds of such sites yet a few like Bluehost.com, Hostinger and interserver.net are on the top.

As for the domain name you must choose wisely for it should be unique. It runs something like this: www/tophostingservice.com.

Choosing your Building Platform

You may choose the best like WordPress, Wix, Joomla or Drupal and if someone has suggested a better one then you may start building your website on it. You often find different plans like basic, medium or premium with most platforms. After this you need to fill in the details and personal information like Name, Surname, Address, Phone number, Email address and so on.

When you have furnished these you may be asked to choose a free theme from their stock of themes. WordPress has reportedly 1500 free themes. Once you have finished your registration with one of the above platforms you will be given permission to operate your site with your own password. Platforms like WordPress are very good for businesses and you may be able to fill in contents, photos and other details of your business with ease as it is quite user friendly.

When you have launched your website you will notice traffic and queries coming to your site provided if you have wisely chosen the domain name. This means your domain name should be related to your business as well as unique.